In Swindon we noticed that there was very little support given to newly diagnosed sufferers of epilepsy and their families which left people confused and frustrated with their situation. The lack of help and understanding within the community as a whole meant that these sufferers, their families and friends feel isolated and alone. With that in mind we wanted to create a local help and awareness group specifically aimed at those who are directly affected by epilepsy and which is run by the people who know what it's like to live with daily challenges this illness brings.


You Are Not Alone! According to official statistics 1 in every 131 people suffer from epilepsy so for a town like Swindon that means there about 1200 sufferers in the local area. The first thing to take away from that statistic is you are not the first and you are certainly not alone, secondly all these people will have families, friends and work colleagues who may have to help a suffer through seizures from time to time and deal with the day to day consequences of epilepsy, this means there is a much larger group of directly affected people in and around the town than you would imagine.


What are we doing? In Partnership with the Rotary Club of Swindon Phoenix we have formed a self-help group for people affected by epilepsy. The aim is to bring together those who are newly diagnosed and those who have lived with epilepsy for many years to share experiences and tips on how to cope with the particular issues suffering from epilepsy presents. We also want to raise awareness within the local community so that epilepsy is discussed as openly as any other topic and is accepted for what it is, an everyday and common illness.


Our Goals: We are now in our 4th year with the Rotary Club of Swindon Phoenix, our aim is to have a self-supporting organisation run by those directly affected by epilepsy for those specifically affected by the illness. We recognise that this can be a very serious and frightening time for those affected so one of our goals is ensure that as far as possible we have fun on the way. We host informal meetings on a monthly basis, these are free and open to anyone affected by epilepsy, from time to time we will also bring in experts from the Local Health Authority, experienced carer's and seasoned suffers all who have first-hand experience of the issues and can general advice on other services and treatments available throughout the country.


If you are affected by epilepsy why not pop along and see for yourself?

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